As a charitable not-for-profit organization, we must continuously strive to raise additional funds to purchase health care equipment, that ensures residents are comfortable and receive the best care possible. Proceeds of the event will help with the purchase of COVID-19 relief equipment directly supporting the delivery and quality of specialized programs and care within our community during the COVID-19 crisis.



To our supporters

As a 50/50 ticket holder, you will help The Elliott raise funds to purchase equipment and supplies that can help keep our seniors and frontline workers safe throughout the pandemic. Right now, more than ever, we need your support! You are such an important part of helping us raise the funds that make all of this possible. Your support will assist our frontline workers and provide our residents with a supportive, comfortable, and stimulating environment when in a time of recommended social distancing and quarantine. Know that when you support and invest in The Elliott Community, you continue to help make a difference in the well-being of our frontline workers and the seniors we serve, continuing our tradition of excellence in senior care within your community during these challenging times.